Custom orders

Are you having trouble finding the perfect dress for you, or are you simply looking for someone to create a dress you are envisioning yourself wearing but can’t find? Then this might be the rout for you. This process lets you be a part of creating a dress just for you. You have to be able to envision the final result and have good trust in your designer. Everything will be handmade for you and you will be a part of all decisions made. With our expertise and knowledge you will be guided and helped to make sure you feel confident about your dress decisions at all times. You will be a part of everything from choosing the final design, color, fabric etc. This is a unique chance to be a part of your dress coming alive and get something that has been made with passion and love for the trade.

Please don't hesitate to contact for more detailed information and pricing



Bridal Alterations

If you're looking for bridal alterations you've come to the right place. We specializes in bridal alterations. Our knowledge and expertise makes it easy for you to feel comfortable and know that your dress is in excellent hands. If you are looking to just get a hem, resizing a sample gown or simply customize your dress we will assist you to make your dream dress become reality with the perfect fit.

Below the picture you can read a bit more about the process and a timeline of when you should start thinking about booking your first appointment, what to expect and how to prepare for your alteration journey.


Booking the appointment

When should you book your appointment? And what to expect when booking?

Once you have picked up your dress from the store you can call and set up your appointment. Always nice to have set the date so you wont forget and suddenly all seamstresses are booked out for the busy season.  I would recommend a minimum of 8 weeks and the standard is 3 fittings. (this will be determined on your first fitting). 

Important things to let us know about  is if you are having a destination wedding and if you are or are planning on dieting.


What to bring


You need to bring the shoes you are planning on wearing on your big day. Don't worry if you haven't found the right shoe yet, then simply  bring a shoe with the same heel height.


If you are planning on wearing any specific undergarment it is important that you bring that as well for your appointment. This does change how the dress fit on your body so its important to have ready for the first pinning.


Fitting process and pricing

For your first fitting we go over the fit of your dress and talk about what you want to embrace and how you want the dress to fit on your body.  Most dresses need to adjust side seams, straps, hem, insert bra cups and a bustle. some needs less and some more. It's important that you speak your mind during your fittings, if you have any concerns address them so we are  aware of and  can give you the best assistance possible. We also advice not to bring a big group to your fitting as we need to be focused and big groups tend to loose focus and the bride can often feel overwhelmed.

During your first fitting we will determine how many fittings will be necessary. You will sign a detailed contract listing what will be altering and you'll be given an estimated price. If anything unexpected occurs that effect pricing it will be discussed with you before proceeding. Alteration costs do vary from dress to dress depending on dress style and fabric. The average cost is $250-$400 but it can vary from as low as $100-$800. We can give you a rough estimate over phone but we wont know until we see your dress on you to know exactly what needs to be done. If you are on a tight budget please let us know up front and we can keep this in consideration as well. 

For your last fitting we recommend you bring a person who will be helping you with your bustle on your big day. We will teach you how to bustle your dress and then they can practice while we are there to assist.

Please let us know if you have any further question.